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Ruto hints his plan b if he will be kicked out of Jubilee Party.

William Ruto has said that in case Jubilee party will decide to kick him out, then he will form UDA party to be a national political party.

Ruto was speaking this today morning during his interview with Radio Citizen. ” The same tactics that were used to form the Jubilee party to become a national party , we shall use them to build the UDA party,” he said.

He didn’t stop there, he attacked Murathe for kicking out Jubilee party members.” I was kicked out of the ODM party and joined hands with President to form Jubilee, I will join UDA and work with it,” he added.

” Some people led by their desires are making Jubilee party become a tribality party,” Ruto fired to Murathe.

” For now, Jubilee and UDA are just one party because we have MPS who were elected through Jubilee and are in UDA .” Ruto clarified.

Ruto also hinted on working with his rival Raila ahead of 2022 general elections. He said he is ready to work with Anyone as far as they share the same ideologies and Raila was not exceptional.

Ruto added that both him and Raila were reading from the same script in pushing for political parties with national outlook rather than tribal outlooks.

could it be possible seeing Ruto and Raila working together? And on Ruto having a plan b does it mean he cam foresee his defeat?

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