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Ruto: I appointed Gen Ogolla despite his plans to overturn my victory.

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President William Ruto has highlighted why he appointed Lieutenant General Francis Omondi Ogolla as the new Chief of Defense Force (CDF), a move he said was against the advice of many.
Speaking in a joint interview with journalists from the House on Sunday, Ruto said he was advised not to award General Ogolla the nomination on the grounds that he was part of the team that tried to overturn his presidential victory in September 2022.

Ruto said despite this, his qualifications exceeded his previous standards, saying that he is the most suitable candidate for the position.

“General Ogolla is among the people who went to Bomas to try to undo my victory, but because when I looked at his CV he was the best person to be a general, many things that are part of my system exceeded him. he has done,” he added. he said.

He also clarified that he intends to make a deliberate selection and that his decisions are not based on an individual party as long as they have a good performance record.

“I could have appointed the person I had, I think 10 options, people say I appointed Ogolla because he was the CDF deputy, but that’s not the case. I made that decision carefully and I did it against the advice of many people. .”

He also pointed out that before the appointment he had a meeting with Ogolla who admitted to being involved in an attempt to cripple the presidential victory.

In the meeting, Ruto said, he made it clear that he will still nominate him because he has excellent qualities.

“I called him and sat him down, I told my friend that you went to Bomas to try to overturn my victory but because you are the best person to be a general I will give you the job. ” he said.

“He told me I have nothing to defend myself, you can do what you want, what I did was wrong, what dominated my mind was that this gentleman may have made a mistake, perhaps because he is the commander in chief of the army. time told him what to do.”

General Ogolla assumed command on April 29, replacing General Robert Kariuki Kibochi, whose mandate had ended.

Until his appointment, he held the position of Vice Chief of Defense Forces (VCDF).

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