Ruto: I will jail Gachagua if found culpable

Vice President William Ruto has vowed not to protect his running mate Rigathi Gachagua from the corruption deals facing him if he is elected president on August 9.

Speaking during an interview on a television station Sunday evening, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate insisted he would allow Gachagua to be jailed if convicted.

Ruto was asked how he would treat people close to him who were involved in corruption.

Dp Ruto and Gachagua image

“Some have ongoing cases, including your co-candidate. Will you let them hang as they are because I think these cases will continue even after the election?” Ruto asked.

To which he replied;

“If they are guilty my colleague, if they are guilty that is why I tell you the institutions we want to build, the freedom we want to give the courts, the freedom we want to give the justice system. The crime, and the funding we want to give them is so that they can prosecute anyone, including the president, for violating the constitution or if it is corruption, we are the only lucky ones in Kenya.

DP added that;

“We will make institutions address the issue of corruption and address everyone, be it our parents, our friends, be my deputy, be it president or anyone else. No one should be spared corruption.”

Ruto says the case is politically motivated

Ruto was tasked with stating how he would allow Gachagua’s case to proceed without his intervention, given that he had publicly stated that the case was politically motivated.

“They [the prosecution} will sue if they have a reputation, they will succeed. If they are political as I say, they will fail,” Ruto explained.

Gachagua is facing Ksh 7.4 billion transplant case. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) said in January 2022 that he wanted the case to be heard by September 2022.

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