Ruto points handshake as cause for cancellation of Ugandan trip.

Vice President William Ruto on Wednesday linked his canceled trip to Uganda on Monday with a “handshake” agreement between President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

DP said the incident was a hunt for political witches.

On Monday, Dr Ruto was barred from visiting Uganda for what his office objected to as a sudden change in the rules governing his trip since he took second place in leadership in 2013.

The DP said in an interview with Inooro FM that the planners of the “bad event” wanted him to continue with his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta. He said he would never fall into such a trap.

Dr Ruto said that whenever he traveled abroad, whether for public or private work, he was never asked to seek permission from his boss.

“I was vice president for nine years and traveled to many countries for public and private work. At no time was I asked to ask permission from anywhere. So what kind of law is starting to work now? The DP asked.

He further added: “I have traveled to Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for government activities and private travel. No one has ever asked me for permission from anyone. Or. It’s just a ploy to make me exchange words with scammers, but I don’t have time to lose. I leave everything to God. God will take care of them. “

The holder of a diplomatic passport issued to him in his capacity as Vice President, the DP office should know the State whenever it intends to travel abroad for security and logistical reasons.

But he linked his canceled trip to Uganda with one of the challenges he has faced in the Jubilee administration since the March 9, 2018 political agreement between the head of state and Mr Odinga.

“What happened to Wilson on Monday is just a continuation of what has happened in the last four years. We have been going through a lot of challenges,” said Dr Ruto.

“Many deputies have been removed from committees and some leaders have been removed from their leadership positions. I have been pushed to the margins of government,” he added.

In the high-profile interview, the DP said that the incident was intended to humiliate him and show him that he has no say in the Jubilee government and that they were the most powerful people in his life.

He revealed that the agenda of the private delegation to Kampala continued in his absence, accusing other government officials, who have focused on his presidential campaign, of trying to incite him to engage in verbal warfare with them.

“For four years people tried to pressure me more. Some said I was competing with the president and despising my boss and ignoring everything. Even refraining from stealing had to see if I could get him involved in a war of words with them,” he said.

“Preventing me from going on a private mission is not important. I canceled the trip and I am continuing with my life. What was supposed to happen in Uganda was done without my presence and things are moving forward,” said Dr Ruto. .

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