RUTO; My life is in danger.

Through the office of vice president, William Samoei Ruto expressed fears about his safety. It comes after a major change was made to its personal security profile.

The vice president’s office has now written to Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai about the matter. In the letter, the office of Vice President William Ruto claimed the abuse was the cause of the sudden changes made to his security. The vice president’s office complains that DP Ruto’s security has been compromised.

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Vice President William Ruto now claims his life is in danger. This is in the wake of a rapid change in the security profile of the vice president as well as the replacement of private DP drivers that occurred on Friday. These government actions made Vice President William Ruto uncomfortable and he expressed a sense of insecurity.

Vice President William Ruto spent the day at his Karen residence on Friday. It was a day after a change was made to his security details.

In a heavy letter signed by the vice president’s chief of staff, Amb Ken Osinde, DP Ruto’s office asked if people suspected in administrative police uniforms had been sent to DP residence with the order. Implementing bad plans against him.

Details show that on Friday, drivers attached to the vice president were replaced by national police. It also emerged that some Kenyan Prisons Service officials have been quoted. The Kenya Prison Service has reminded its officers despite the support of Vice President William Ruto’s security department.

The vice president is now asking for clarification following the removal of his security agents from the SSG and the change of its drivers. Previously, Vice President William Ruto had more than 70 Commandos of the General Services Unit (GSU). GSU is tasked with maintaining its personal and official assets. DP William Ruto also had several close security guards as well as several drivers of the Kenya Prisons Service.

Ruto’s Chief of Staff Amb Ken Osinde complained in the letter that the decision to change the security of the vice president was contrary to the directives of the Police Department, Chapter 8, Section 5 (e). In the letter, Osinde stressed that it was made clear by law that the vice president should be protected by security guards from the General Services Unit (GSU).

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