” Don’t send politicians away, preach to them salvation,” Ruto call on Religious leaders.

Vice President William Ruto has called on religious leaders of the African Free Pentecostal Church in Africa (AIPCA) not to fire politicians attending church services.

Instead, he advised church leaders to preach salvation to those who come to church.

Ruto’s remarks came two weeks after Catholic and ACK church leaders banned political leaders from addressing the church from the pulpit.


Speaking at the AIPCA thanksgiving service at St. Lorent Angaine Church in Buuri constituency, DP explained how many leaders he did not name, have now started attending church services.

“If I were not teaching them how to go to church, how could those who do not come to church start coming? he said.

“Now that they are here, preach salvation, do not drive them away, just preach so that we may all be saved and go to heaven,” added the second chief.

In his address to the church grounds, Ruto also stated that some (politicians) come to church for political contests, but can be saved in one church.

“God has blessed me so much to go to church. They saw good things happening to me, “he added.

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