Ruto, Rigathi and Mudavadi gets 802M for new cars.

The budget allocation for the purchase of new vehicles for the three top officials of the Kenyan government has increased eight times in the latest change in the spending plan that also benefited retired President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The offices of President William Ruto, his deputy Rigathi Gachagua and First Minister Musalia Mudavadi received 802.2 million shillings to buy cars in this financial year, a large increase from this which had been set aside as Kenyans accepted the increased budget. government that blocked the austerity measures of Kenya Kwanza.

In the estimated budget for the financial year 2022/23, the three offices had received 100.8 million shillings, although the office of the First Minister of the Council of Ministers was not supported. However, the exclusion of the Prime Minister only reduces spending by 10 percent, or 80 million shillings.

The one who benefited the most out of the three was Mr Gachagua whose office received 290.8 million shillings for cars, which is an increase of 200 million shillings from the 90.8 million shillings that had been previously allocated by the former secretary of the Ukur Yatani Treasury.

In general, the budget for the purchase of new vehicles for all government agencies in this fiscal year ending in June has more than doubled to 2.06 billion shillings from 810.3 million shillings that were allocated in the previous budget, with the three offices responsible. more than 40% of the budget.

The three major offices received more money for new vehicles than the Office of the Inspector General of Police, which received 574 million shillings to relocate police officers who protect more than 50 million Kenyans.

It comes a few days after Mr Yatani had a public spat with Mr Gachagua in a rare budget dispute between the former finance minister and the new senior government official, regarding requesting an additional 300 million shillings to buy a fleet of vehicles, a request which was partially rejected. due to lack of funds.

The Office of the President and Cabinet Secretaries also received an additional 154 million shillings for cars, while retired President Kenyatta received 140 million shillings for a fleet of cars when he retired.

The Nairobi Palace, which was initially given only 10 million shillings, was increased to 35 million shillings in the latest changes. The vehicle budget is expected to increase further as Dr Ruto considers the needs of the 50 newly appointed Chief Administrative Secretaries.

President Ruto has said that he will reduce wasteful and aggressive spending while struggling to control the country’s debt appetite which has left the country with a narrow financial position as the view of credit levels in Kenya is increasingly lowered by various international organizations.

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