Ruto to Sakaja: Your election was a miracle

President-Elect William Ruto has congratulated chosen Governor of Nairobi Johnson Sakaja to convey, portraying his political race as a marvel.

Sakaja experienced a few impediments while looking for leeway to see after a case was recorded to challenge his Uganda degree testament.

“You know my sibling Johnson that you are a supernatural occurrence up-and-comer, that your political race to the city is to be sure a wonder,” Ruto said, “I need to let you know that we really trust you and we will cooperate.”

Sakaja was among 45 Governors who made the vow of office on Thursday following their political race on August 9.

A file image of Governor Sakaja taking the oath of office
A file image of Governor Sakaja taking the oath of office

Mombasa and Kakamega will hold races on Monday one week from now following deferment over polling form papers stir up.

The President-Elect has provoked Sakaja to now convey to the inhabitants of Nairobi who have depended him with the authority of Kenya’s capital city.

“As Kenya Kwanza group you did right by us. We will uphold you to convey administrations and have an effect in Nairobi,” Ruto told Sakaja.

Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director-General Mohammed Badi who likewise went to the capability said the substance will kick off giving more than 14 capabilities back to the region government from the following week.