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Ruto: We can negotiate everything except Kenya’s security

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President William Ruto has said Kenya’s security is non-negotiable.

Speaking in Lamu, Ruto said the destruction of Kenya through protests will not happen again under his leadership.

“There are those who want to destroy Kenya, kill Kenyans and I will not allow that, it is not negotiable,” Ruto said.

“Making sure we are a safe nation is something we all have to agree on, we can discuss everything but not Kenya’s security.”

Explaining that he does not mince his words, the Head of State said as he said reggae will stop (BBI) will stop, there will be no more dems.

“In politics and other areas we can talk about war or fighting three people and delegates from Kenya, no, it will not do,” Ruto emphasized.

The president also defended the security forces for their actions during the protests last week.

Ruto said security officers have a responsibility to protect the land and Kenyans.

He lashed out at critics who have slammed the police for alleged killings and excessive use of force during protests last week.

The president said there were more than 300 police in the hospital as a result of the protests a week ago.

“When you attack our police and our security agencies, you are attacking the Republic of Kenya. You are attacking the Constitution and the rule of law. You are promoting lawlessness and destruction and this is a no zone and this is unacceptable,” he said. he added.

The government has acquitted the police accused of illegally executing people during efforts to quell the violence that engulfed the country last week.

A photo file of President Ruto

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Internal Affairs SC Kithure Kindiki said the allegations of excessive use of force by the riot police are “evil and false”.

“Allegations that officers of the National Police Service and other law enforcement officers are involved in extrajudicial killings and/or excessive use of force against the public or a section of it are malicious, false and aimed at misrepresenting the public’s perception of the recent violence. in some areas in the country,” he said.

Leader of the Declaration Raila Odinga had claimed that the police used force against the protesters in what he called “unprecedented police brutality”.

“Police and gangs shot and killed or injured dozens of people in an open area,” he said, adding that “not all victims were unarmed.”

Raila spoke in a session with foreign media reporters in Nairobi on Tuesday.

He said about 50 people have been killed since March, when the opposition coalition announced the start of weekly mass protests against the government.

The government acknowledged the loss of life during three days of nationwide protests, but did not release the exact death toll.

However, Internal Security Minister Raymond Omollo said in a separate statement that one policeman was killed and 305 law enforcement officers were seriously injured.

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