Sad Imprisonment story of Kikuyu gospel artist, Sammy Boy

In the episode where they often broadcast prisoners’ stories, Inooro Tv stunned their viewers after airing the Sammy Boy story, which many of their fans were unaware of.

According to Sammy Boy, he was arrested in 2015 after being caught with stolen property. He said he used to welcome one of his childhood friends every time he visited the city. One day, as was his custom, a close friend visited him in the city and asked him to keep his stuff in his house because he wanted to move away.

These assets include television, gas and laptops, among others. So Sammy trusted his friend and did not doubt him. But he did not know it belonged to the robbery. He said that after tracking down the property was found in his possession requiring him to carry the cross. His friend disappeared after Sammy Boy was arrested and died.

The young artist added that his friend died later following a tragic accident that caused problems in the case that started in 2015.

Shortly after his arrest, Sammy Boy was charged with theft and because he was unable to hire a lawyer, the case did not favor him and he was sentenced to life in prison last year.

Sammy said after the case began, they had problems with his wife with whom they had a baby. However, he has appealed and is awaiting the start of the process.

Sammy Boy, who is serving his sentence at Naivasha Maximum Prison, is a teacher who is currently training other inmates. Various lawyers arrived to rescue the young artist before it was too late.

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