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Safaricom is to launch 5G network on Friday in Major Towns.

It is reported that Safaricom is set to launch Kenya’s fifth generation [5G] mobile internet services. It is said that the 5G network is about 10 or 20 times faster than the 4G. Safaricom will be targeting major urban centers aiming at taking over the business and offering super fast internet services in the region.

Safaricom revealed that Nokia corporation and Huawei will supply the 5G technology. The technology has however been subjected to scrutiny in the Western Word over the introduction of the high speed networks.

The 5G will be available in Nairobi after the launch and also the Western Kenya major towns which always experience increased data traffic, these towns include Bungoma, Kisumu and Kisii.

“Safaricom will be the first operator in East Africa to launch 5G services and will be showcasing the capabilities of the network with the help of Huawei and Nokia’s technologies,” Safaricom said.

Kenya will be the third country in Africa after South Africa and Togo to roll the 5G network

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