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Safaricom leaves netizens stunned after tweeting in Sheng

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Networks have things. And Safaricom are there to respond to the madness in a manner.

The user of the telecommunications service contacted the online customer service team on Facebook and asked for help.

Ray Rash asked for help – very politely – using sheng. In fact, using the worst version of the sheng called Shembeteng.

For those who don’t understand Shembeteng, Ray was asking, “Hi Safaricom, niko na shida kidogo. Mtu akitaka kureplace simcard hueda wapi? (Hi Safaricom, I have a small issue. Where can I go to replace my sim card?)”

” Hi Safaricom, nimbitiko na shimbitika kidogombotoko, mtu akiambataka kureplambatace simcard huembetenda wambatapi? ”

Safaricom responded in fluent Shembeteng, here is a translation, “Enda duka yoyote yetu na ID yako, Ray. ^MZ. (Go to any of our shops with your ID, Ray.)”

“Embetenda dumbutuka yombotote yembetetu na Id yambatako Ray. ^MZ”

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