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Sakaja appoints Mercy Mwangangi and Mugenda to special roles in Nairobi County

Nairobi Lead representative, Johnson Sakaja on Thursday, September 15, selected previous Kenyatta College Bad habit Chancellor, Prof Olive Mugenda to lead a team that will deal with improving Nairobi City Region’s Wellbeing Area.

In a proclamation, Sakaja designated six individuals in the team, containing friendly Wellbeing CAS Dr Mercy Mwangangi, Dr. Anastacia Nyalita, Dr. Githinji Gitahi, Ms. Dorcas Kemunto, Dr. William Charles Fryda and Karei Mwenda.

Nairobi district’s Jairus Musumba was designated to be the secretariat.

A file image of Dr Mercy Mwangangi

Part of the jobs of the team incorporates investigating the residents’ admittance to Quality Wellbeing Administrations, evaluating the situation with all General Wellbeing Offices, surveying the Inventory network The board of Pharma and Non-Pharma items and evaluating the situation with Wellbeing Data The executives and proposing intercessions towards a thorough Wellbeing Data The executives Framework.

Different jobs incorporate inspecting the ongoing Human Asset Limit and evaluating the Holes and proposing a Proficient Wellbeing Funding Model.

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