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Sakaja given one month to review county appointments

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Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has one month to amend his nomination before Parliament resumes in February next year, the County Members of Parliament (MCAs) who are cooperating with the government have said. United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

MCAs accused Mr. Sakaja for not consulting with the leadership structures of the UDA party during the selection process. Ward leaders say the absence of consultation has made Mr Sakaja form a cabinet of people associated with the Azimio coalition who do not understand the UDA manifesto in Nairobi.

Minority leader Anthony Kiragu said they will release their next action plan in one month.

“He was selected from the UDA list but he never consulted with anyone from the party before making the selection. We give him one month to come forward and announce that he belongs to the Azimio coalition so that we know the next step,” Mr. Kiragu told.

a PHOTO file of Sakaja being sworn in to the office

Similarly, he asked Mr Sakaja to focus on solving the problems of Nairobi residents instead of engaging in blame games that hinder the provision of services to residents.

“The city of Nairobi cannot be [run] by PR tricks. He took a long time to form his government and there are no visible development projects he has done. He has a budget; why should he not focus on solving the problems of the people? Will he continue to blame former President Uhuru Kenyatta? Mr. Kiragu asked.

According to minority leader Mark Ronaldo Mugambi, Mr Sakaja must change his nomination within a month to reflect the good will of the party.

“We only gave him one month to correct his appointment. He should approach the leadership of the party and apologize for what he did and correct it. The party gathered voters in Nairobi who believed in him because he used the UDA flag,” Mugambi said.

However, the Majority Leader who supports Azimio Peter Imwatok rejected the decision, saying that there are outside forces trying to disrupt activities in the county.

“The appointment of Mr. Sakaja focused on regional balance. Don’t ignore the actions of the Governor. Kenya First MCAs are good people but someone is trying to influence them. I want to assure the people of Nairobi that the parliament is stable. Most MCAs are new, they should focus on understanding the activities of the parliament instead to be used,” Mr Imwatok said.

“After each round of elections, the nation becomes one. There is no one from Azimio or Kenya First. Mr. Sakaja serves the residents of Nairobi and not the UDA. It is his wisdom to decide how he will make the selection to ensure equality,” he added.

Last week, Nairobi MCAs interrupted and abandoned the primary session of Lucky Ogutu Okudo, a candidate for the position of Director General of Lighting and Energy, for failing to submit his academic credentials on time. They also claimed that Ms. Okudo was causing chaos at the Bomas of Kenya, the national center for counting votes and that she is not fit for the position of chief officer.

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