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Sakaja – I’m a graduate,my name was omitted on the list for selfish reason.

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UDA candidate for Nairobi governorship Johnson Sakaja has called allegations that he did not graduate from Team University to be barbaric, baseless.

In the affidavit, the Nairobi senator claimed that the complainants had left a page showing his name on a list of graduates from the Ugandan university.

“For filthy purposes, the complainants fraudulently left the relevant pages from the graduation booklet which contains my diploma,” Sakaja said.

“The campaign of revenge and personal scandal against me and the plaintiffs should not be answered except to say that the same is entirely indifferent to the misuse of the legal process,” he added.

Sakaja dismissed a flawed complaint against his nomination and approval.

Dennis Gakuu Wahome, Evans Katia, Alex Abare Musalia and Timothy Ayieko are the complainants in the application.

In an affidavit in response, Sakaja states that he is not the Sakaja Koskei Johnson mentioned in the complaint lodged with the IEBC Dispute Resolution Committee.

“The person named as the 1st Respondent in Complaint No. 230 of 2022, ‘SAKAJA KOSKEI JOHNSON’ is a complete stranger to the Nairobi County Governor’s election,” Sakaja said.

Four joint complaints have been filed with the IEBC seeking to bar Sakaja from running in the August 9 election.

Complainants claim that Sakaja’s degree is not genuine as he never graduated from Team University in Uganda as he claims.

But Sakaja dismissed the allegations in his affidavit on a number of grounds, including the fact that the complaint was lodged outside the statutory deadline.

Sakaja was approved on June 7, 2022 by the IEBC and a complaint against him was filed on June 9, 2022.

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