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Sambaza News address the nation on what has been happening over the weekend.

A special combination of what happened the weekend that has caught the eyes of many;

twist on BBI ruling;

Over the weekend the five judges made a ruling that the BBI initiative is void and null. The reason for the ruling you can get it here; Reasons why the five judges disapproved BBI. – sambazanews


The supporting members of the initiative came forward after the ruling and decided to the the case back to court saying the ruling was not fair. The supporters have came up with great lawyers who will handle the case.

The legal team id divided into two, one supporting the president led by Attorney General Kihara Kariuki and ODM leader . Other lawyers are James Orengo, Paul Muite, Kioko Kilukumi and former Attorney General Githu Muigai.

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Indian doctor quits job live for the following reasons;

An India doctor quitted his job while live on TV claiming that the government was not giving the actual figures of infections and deaths. This comes at time when India when Indian going through difficult times due to high cases of Covid. Check this out ; Indians spotted smearing cow dung to ‘boost immunity’ against covid-19. – sambazanews

The doctor claimed that the government was in fear of revealing this true figures coz of getting critics from other countries. The doctor claimed that he doesn’t want to be involved in any of the Covid crisis since the government lies will cause the citizens to ignore the measures thinking things are getting better but in real world the crisis is getting worse.

Man killed his children just to sell their blood for kshs. 120,000

A Ugandan killed his children just because his boss promised him 4m to get blood for a cult sacrifice.

“My boss promised me 4Million and a house if I sacrificed my children and gave him the blood but so far he has paid me kshs 100,000 ,” the suspect said.

Really can you give up your own child just for money??

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