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Samidoh clears that he didn’t not fly together with Karen Nyamu

Rumors have been circulating in recent days that a city politician has returned to the life of Mugithi’s cronies at the expense of his wife.

photo/courtesy; Karen Nyamu and Samidoh.

This was after Nyamu shared tickets for the couple flying together in a business class on an Emirates flight. Samidoh planned to perform for two months in the United States

“As I begin my tour of the United States and bid farewell to my fans for 2 months, I want to thank Allah for the grace and love He has bestowed upon me,” writes Samidoh.

Karen, a mother of two, shared her plane ticket after a fan sent her direct messages claiming she was a castaway and the baby’s father loved his wife Edday.

Samidoh and Nyamu had a hard and comfortable time together in the theater, forcing the singer to confess that he was the father of Nyamu’s child; even apologizing to his wife and fans

In August, Nyamu accused Samidoh of physically assaulting him during a live Instagram show and also mentioned that he was expecting a number two child with the singer.

Nyamu has publicly stated that he supports Samidoh and his wife to do business with the government.

During the vigil, Samidoh denied that he had traveled with Nyamu to the United States, claiming they shared a plane but left Dubai.

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