Samidoh issues controversial Valentine’s advice to his male fans

Samidoh has been a very active person last weekend. Not only did he help arrange his wife’s baby shower, but he also performed live for Narok fans.

Despite his busy schedule, the father of 3 children (and two others along the way) still has time to counsel men on sexual matters.

In a recent post on his social network, the musician wrote;

Dem akikuita kwake this Valentine huyo hakupendi…anataka upatwe na chali yake akuue😊🤣😆…Chunga sana. (If a woman calls you to her place this Valentine’s, just know she doesn’t love you, she wants you to be found by her man, so that he kills you. Be careful!) 

The advice prompted a lot of debate with some of his followers agreeing with his sentiment while others urged him to focus on his marriage.

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