Sarah Kabu hints her marriage is toxic , asks for help

Businesswoman Sarah Kabu has hinted that there are problems in her marriage to Simon Kabu, who is also her business partner in a joint venture.

Sarah posted on her Whatsapp stories on Sunday and lamented that her children had been taken from her by force.

“To all the police out there … never take bribes for a a child to loose his mother … it hurts so much … you will pay with that child’s tears in your hands strangers. The law knows why children should be with their mother.”

He continued, “For those who probably don’t understand that I’m done with him and so why did he leave with my children under the care of one of his stars.”

Sarah explained, “Wah … this is Kenya! Again the money changed hands and my children were handed over to strangers along with their father … I beg someone to wake me up, I don’t see … how are you forced? To be in a poisonous marriage because we are the goal couple and protect our business and our dependents at the expense of my life? god bless these children, i need a lot of help my friends.

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