Sarah Kabu reveals in details why she wants a divorce.

Sarah Kabu and her husband Simon Kabu would be separated.

Sarah, in an interview with “Christina Lewis, The Voice Of East Africa is a foundation”, said she was not happy living with businessman and her husband, Simon Kabu.

“We discussed that we should separate because I was not happy with this marriage and I was tired of pretending, so we were in a discussion, I wanted a peaceful separation and joint formation etc,” she said.

Sarah said the baby mama dramas contributed to their separation.

She claimed that the two young mothers intervened in her marriage since they publicly showed the gift of property to their children.

“They have been very aggressive and it gives me a lot of stress,” she said.

Sarah added that despite being part of Kabu’s journey to raise her children, the drama takes a different direction as he spends most of his income abroad.

“You are trying to build your empire and then the money is going to help his blood. For me it is not my part, there is nothing we can do about it, I take it as a charity project. his own cross.”

Sarah said that at one point shee told Simon she wanted to die before him so she wouldn’t get any drama.

“Even I told him we separate and maybe meet at the funeral, I pray to God that I die before him so that I do not experience the drama.

One week ago, Sarah took to her Whatsapp stories to mourn the loss of her children.

Commenting on the problem, she said they had a problem and as before, she decided to go to sleep at a hotel, but allegedly came to pick up the children.

She explained;

“Then I told him we would move to Airbnb just to come and rest. That day I stayed at the Trademark Hotel because you know how you want to think before you move. I am a very open person. Someone opened everything for me, the next day when I got home I did it several times like If you understand each other I do not like to go to a place where there is a fire it is better to be away.

Him and his daughter planned to take the children to school without my knowledge and without my consent. They went to Amboseli. I did not know that my children had left because he had not left with any of my relatives. “

Sarah said she was focusing on her two children.

Sarah urged her fans not to give up on the wedding and apologized for dropping them off. He said he did it for his own peace.

“Sorry for the disappointment, but let’s be real. Marriage should be a good thing, if it doesn’t happen, don’t have the following daily statistics. If anything can happen. Be done to improve it and then work on it. .

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