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Saumu Mbuvi excited after her ex Anwar lost Lamu Senate seat

Girl of previous Nairobi lead representative Mike Sonko, Saumu Mbuvi is in festival after her babydady Anwar Loitiptip lost his bid to hold the Lamu congressperson seat.

Fresh insight about Loitiptip losing the seat saw Saumu head to her Instagram where she called for festivity.

“Congrats to the new Lamu Senator and Women Rep. Mko wapi tuanze kusherekea,” Saumu Mbuvi composed on Instagram.

Loitiptip who was running as free applicant lost to Joseph Githuku of the Jubilee party who beat six different possibility to arise the champ of the seat.

A file image of Saumu Mbuvi, Mike Sonko and Anwar
A file image of Saumu Mbuvi, Mike Sonko and Anwar

Loititip had before looked to safeguard is seat under the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket yet lost to Francis Mugo Kariuki in the party primaries.

Saumu and Lotitip had a rough relationship which finished with the two heading out in different directions after Saumu blamed the representative for being brutal.

“He nearly killed me. I will everlastingly battle for ladies to represent their privileges. Never permit a man to be rough to you,” Saumu said after their break in 2021.

The mother of two further said Loitiptip was not dealing with his youngster explaining that the two were rarely hitched however were simply life partners.

“The man couldn’t actually deal with his own youngster. At any rate, life as we know it… I express gratitude toward God I was conceived a hawker.”

Anwar then again conceded to truly attacking Saumu once yet credited their separation to mental issues she was going through, something he said all her loved ones knew about.

“She has a psychological mental issue called bipolar, that is the reason we never remained together, she breaks things, yells and loses memory for even seven days… . just a single time before I realized she is experiencing mental issue, call her relatives, mine, companions, clinic everybody realizes she debilitated. It’s simply you, media folks who don’t have any idea and we picked to stow away to defend her name, yet presently she has turned her story to lean toward her,” the Senator said

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