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Is Sauti Soul band Falling apart? The band announce to work individually.

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Kenya Youth Group Sauti Sol has announced that its members will focus on individual projects under the label “Alone Together” until May 2022, when they release the group’s album.

In a statement issued on Thursday, October 8, the group said “Alone Together” is the child of the tragedy aimed at defining the next unique chapter of the four brothers.

According to the statement, each of the four participants will publish one draft by December 2021.


“She is the only child of this tragedy. The result of the deep reflection we have experienced as individuals and as a group, leading us to create the ultimate expansion of our musical and artistic heritage. Therefore, each of us will enter its phase and be released immediately in December 2021. It will be followed by the release of full projects, the dates of which will be announced in due course, ”read part of the statement to reporters.

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The group also said Bien Aime Barza will open a new chapter with their unique song called “Bald Men Anthem” by jazz maestro Aaron Rimbui.

“The Bald Me King of Africa, Bien Aime Shall will launch us with his first solo song, a collaboration song with jazz maestro Aaron Rimbui under the name Bald Men Anthem which will be released on Friday October 8. This date will also mark the beginning of Bien, Chimano, Savara and Polycarp trips as animators ”

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