Secondary school girl writes a letter to Principal, requesting to be allowed to get married.

A secondary school has sparked debates after she penned down a letter to her school principal, requesting to be allowed so that she would get married to her lover.

The girl decided to reach out to her school head, to get permission so that she gets married without causing any trouble to herself, her parents or to her husband to be.

According to media sources in Tanzania, the girl is aware the government of President John Pombe Magufuli could go after her parents and her husband or even after the school management if she would have left without permission.

The source said the girl had indicated in her letter that she was not willing to continue with her learning , and wanted the school principal to give her go ahead with her rare and controversial mission.

It is yet to be clarified how old the girl is and whether the principal had the powers to give permission for what she was requesting.

Don’t you think this is an advantage to kids that they still have to get education no matter their circumstances and that if one wants to quit has to inform the authorities first……

what’s your though??? drop on the comment section… Thank you…

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