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Secret life of Mirema man killed in broad daylight

A man killed in a shooting on a city street on Monday afternoon had expressed fears for his life. Family circles reported that 39-year-old Samuel Mugo Mugota, who was shot six times in Mirema Drive, Kasarani sub-county, by a gunman, hinted to his older brother that his life could be cut short at any time.
Detective officials said the evidence they gathered yesterday made Mugota a top secret.

They explained that even the woman who claimed to have lived with him for 16 years did not appear to have detailed information about Mugota’s life or what he did with his life.

Ms Winni Wambui, who lives along Kenyatta Road in Kiambu County, told detectives that she had three children with Mugota.

In a statement, Ms Wambui said her husband was a former police officer who was selling electronic equipment.

Investigators, however, disputed the claim, saying there was no known record of it in the ward. Family sources further described Mugota as a bully and a “tough man” who hid.

“Three weeks ago he called me and told me his life was stuck, he did not disclose what was bothering him, I insisted that we discussed the matter on the phone and that we do not expect to meet physically, he said no. . That was the last time I heard from him, “Mr Timothy Wachira, his brother, quoted in a statement submitted to Kasarani police station yesterday.

It was further reported that another Mugota wife, who has been identified as Ruth Kamene, lives in Githurai 44. She had not yet registered a statement with the police when she went to the media.

Ms Wambui told the Nation that on the day Mugota was shot, she left home at 8am.

However, she had no idea what was going on between that time and a few minutes before 8pm when her husband was shot by a man who had fled in an escape vehicle.

In an interview at Kasarani police station, Ms Wambui told the Nation that any attempt to get deeper into her husband’s life always led to a physical confrontation.

Detectives told the Nation that Mugoti was a criminal who was most likely killed by his fellow hooligans on a commercial deal that was not fair.

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