Security guard burns tenant’s houses after being dumped by the landlady.

Dangoretti’s bodyguard has been charged with arson after burning down a tenant’s house after being dumped by a landlord.

A security guard known as Patrick Kirimi set up a tenant’s house after being dumped by his girlfriend Hanna Wambui Kinyanjui – the owner of the house. Kirimi reportedly felt pain after the owner threw him out.

The suspect allegedly set fire to a house worth Ksh 100,000 in Waithaka, Dangoretti in Nairobi on July 30, 2021.


On that day, Kirimi was reported to have appeared at the scene a few minutes before the fire broke out. Reports also indicate that the suspect appeared inside the affected house without the knowledge of the tenant and the landlord.

At the time of the fire, Wambui was not present and it was his daughter who was present to inform him of the incident.

It took the intervention of neighbors to help the authorities arrest the suspect who was seen breaking into a house that was already on fire.

At his trial before Kibera High Court Chief Justice Derrick Kuto, Kirimi denied the charges and was released on bail of ksh 200,000 or bail of the same amount.

The case is expected to be heard within the next two months.

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