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Selina actress reveals how some scenes affected her in real life.

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Famous soap opera actress Selina says playing the role is also a part of her real life.

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Celestine Gachuhi talked about making some movies that broke her so much that she cried for days after she finished the film.

She remembers a certain scene from season 2 where she is evicted from Mackenzie’s house.
“She went through a lot in this area that affected me as much as Celestine. I cried for 2 days and that i couldn’t stop,” she says.

“I felt very angry with Selina because I didn’t understand why she was still allowing this family (the Mackenzies) to try to to this to her.”
It was a serious area, perhaps one of the most moving events of the six seasons of telenovelas, and one that Reuben (producer and director of Selina) also named as one of his favorites.

“She (Celestine) was on top of her game when we needed her to be,” he says.
“I felt like my world was broken, but i feel I did it right,” Celestine says.

She felt stressed for the whole weekend after reading the text of the area, she reveals.
“We were shooting on Monday, and for the primary time, we ended the entire period in at some point because there was no thanks to get obviate those feelings until the next day.”

Celestine has learned to deal with stressful situations by relying on people she loves.
“I call the people i really like and ask them to urge me back from this place. But sometimes I just sit quietly in my own space, without thinking about anything.
Often, she also finds it by listening to music, which is her first love.

“My mom and I sang together,” she reveals, adding that she started singing as a teenager, in elementary school and then in high school.
“I also played dramas that wanted me to sing.”

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