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Senator Cherargei lectures CS Murkomen in public over leaking JKIA roof.

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Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has called Transport Minister Kipchumba Murkomen again, but this time it is because of the leak in the roof of the JKIA station.

In a statement shared on his official X account, the UDA senator called Murkomen’s statement about the leaking roof as negligence and fatigue.

“Fixing the leaky roof at JKIA takes a whole year and then our roads in Nandi County will not be repaired. This is CS Murkomen’s biggest negligence and laxity. Kenyans can now see it. Shaggy “not me? Cherargei posed.

The senator’s remarks come after CS Murkomen criticized the previous government for the mismanagement of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


His comments followed concerns about the leak incident on the roof of JKIA.

Murkomen said the previous government did a poor job in maintaining the facilities of JKIA and 12 other airports across the country.

“When we got to the office, we realized that most of our airports are in bad shape and the JKIA leak is the result,” he said.

Murkomen said the renovation of JKIA at Terminals 1C and I1 was of a low level because it was intended to serve only temporarily.

He made the statement at the Ukunda airport in Kwale county.

He said the government of former President Uhuru accelerated the projects and failed to meet the required standards.

Cherargei and Murkomen first clashed in October over road contracts.

On October 27, the two men exchanged heated words with Murkomen, criticizing the senator for allegedly opposing one of the contractors chosen to build the road just because he was not Kalenjin.

“Cheragei, I want to teach you something. If the president used a brain like yours, we wouldn’t have a country now. I’m telling you the truth,” Murkomen said in the Kalenjn regional dialect.

The minister was speaking at the funeral of the son of Chesumei MP Paul Biego Polo.

He said the government awarded the contract fairly, without leaving room for tribalism.

The senator, in his speech to the mourners at the same funeral, wanted a contractor from his community to be given a tender for the road.

“I hear some people say they want to hire people from other communities to become entrepreneurs. Give priority to our children to be entrepreneurs, because if we do not teach our children to be good entrepreneurs, we will not be competitive. ” he said.

When he stood up to speak, Murkomen did not mince words and scolded the senator.

“What about our people who we gave big contracts and billions in debt to them and who are in Central and Mombasa? Do you want them to be kicked out and go back home? As a teacher, I have a mind and a plan,” Murkomen said.

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