Working on a hip-hop & little jazz song that will expose Corruption – Senator Ledama.

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina caused a stir in parliament last year after she arrived wearing traditional Maasai costumes.

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It sparked a heated debate, which surprisingly President Kenneth Lusaka allowed senators to offer traditional attire in the debate rooms.

The senator is on a different mission now.

He is in the studio recording a song that will condemn corruption and defend the preservation of cultural values.

The senator revealed that a video of the song will be shot in different counties across the country and will be released for one month.

“I am working on a big project. The song includes different elements. He spoke, hip-hop and a little jazz. It focuses on the bad deals that I have witnessed, ”he said.

He believes the song will be popular as many video clips of the debates in Parliament have attracted a large audience.

“There is a perception that corruption is an ‘African’ thing. We recently witnessed unrest in South Africa after former South African President Jacob Zuma was jailed for contempt after failing to appear before a commission investigating corruption allegations. When you think about it, you know, in Kenya we are wasting millions of dollars building houses for our politicians, which is OK, “he said.

“The song brings the image of what is of corruption in Africa. It will also bring up other things that people do not know about me, ”he added.

He added that he started recording the song a long time ago and the rhythms were unique and interesting.

A senator from Narok is also using the project to encourage his Maasai community – among others – to preserve their culture.

A year ago, Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja recorded a rap song with his sons.

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