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Seven Cancer warning signs you shouldn’t ignore.


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It happens quite often that we dismiss aches, painless lumps as minor issues that do not require attention. Studies have shown that some of these seemingly harmless signs could actually be the early warning signs of cancer. “If people start noticing and taking some of these signs seriously, cancer could be diagnosed in the earlier stages”, says Dr Anil Herour, head of surgical oncology, Fortis hospital, mulyund. Watching out for these early signs is crucial and oncologists use an acronym CAUTION-to help people spot the warning signs easily. The acronym recognizes seven symptom that shouldn’t be ignored. C-CHANGES IN BOWEL OR BLADDER HABITS Everyone has regular pattern of bowel habits. If this changes suddenly, that is, if people have diarrhoea or they are constipated for days together, then it is time to see a doctor. This could be a sign of abdomen or colorectal cancer. As for bladder habits, sometimes the urine might be discolored, deep yellow or have blood in it. These might be signifying cancer in the kidney or bladder, though extremely rare. In men, difficulty in passing urine or frequently feeling thd urge to urinate could be a sign of an enlarged prostate, a marker of prostate cancer. A- A SOUR THAT DOESN’T HEAL If there is a wound that doesn’t heal and continues to poster, it might indicate cancer U UNUSUAL BLEEDING OR DISCHARGE
If there is bloody discharge from the nipples, it could be a sign of breast cancer. In women who
have attained menopause sudden bleeding could be a sign of uterine cancer. T_THICKENING OR LUMP IN BREAST OR ELSEWHERE
Painless or painful lumps shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even if it is a lump in any other part, apart
from the breast, be it in the limps, head or underarms and it is suddenly increasing in size, caution must be taken. I_INDIGESTION OR DIFFICULTY IN SWALLOWING
This could be passed off as a throat infection or something similar. However if it not cured
inspire of medication, seek help. It could be a sign of esophageal or stomach cancer. O-OBVIOUS CHANGE IN WARTS OR MOLES
If we observe moles or warts growing or bleeding, it could be an indication of melanoma-NAGGING COUGH OR HOARSENESS
This should raise an alarm especially in smokers. Persistent cough could indicate lung cancer or
skin cancer. All these symptoms may not necessarily signify cancer, but one should watch out for bodily changes and seek medical help earliest

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