Seven infants die after Interns set the incubators at higher temperatures in Baringo.

Reports have alleged that seven new born babies died in Baringo county after interns who were left to take care of them set the incubators at higher temperatures than required.

I t is alleged that the nursery was left under care of interns when the incident took place.

According to a report by the media, the hospital has denied the claims, revealing that the nursery was under interns.

The hospital has dismised the allegation as false, saying that it makes the hospital look bad.

Baringo Health executive Mary Panga alleged that she was not aware of any infant who had died under such circumstances.

“Those are allegations and there is nothing like that,” Ms. Panga said in a telephone interview.

However, the family members who have lost the kins have affirmed that indeed the incident happened which has left seven infants dead.

Four women who was among those who lost their children were discharged from the hospital after signing some documents. Another woman who lost twins is still in hospital till now.

Another witness, who was at the hospital when the incident happened has confirmed that indeed the infants died.

“I have witnessed mothers crying after they lost their babies while in incubators,” said a mother.

The hospital management has removed all the records of births$ deaths from the maternity ward.

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