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Several KDF recruits turned away after testing positive for HIV&STDs.

It has now emerged that some recruits who had been issued with calling letters to report to various KDF garrisons as servicemen and women were turned away after they tested positive for HIV and other STDs.

KDF also congratulated successful candidates who managed to be absorbed in the military after undergoing various tests among them being medical test.

While congratulating those who had been absorbed in the military , the senior medical officer colonel Dr James Mwika urged the group to avoid premarital ‘bedroom’ acts and abuse of drugs.

The Colonel said some of those who had been turned away tested positive for HIV and STDs results, positive toxicology results because of drug abuse among others.

“It’s your responsibility to shy away from recreational drugs and premarital sex.” Colonel state.” It is saddening that some of these preventable issues led to quite a number of youth failing the medical stage.”

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