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Sex worker who slept with 13-years old boy granted bail.

26-year-old Precious Taye has a reason to smile, this is after the High Court agreed to give her an opportunity to go for a bail as she had earlier requested . The young lady was taken behind bars after it came to people’s knowledge that she did the act with a minor who is still in school, this later led to her arrest. She first approached the court asking for a bail but unfortunately her cries were turned down, luckily when she tried it the second time, she won her bail application of $10,000.

Her lawyer by the name Moses Nyatsoma argued that his client had no powers to know the boy was only 13 years old, this is because he had a well structured body and his height was also convincing not forgetting his conduct throughout the session. The High court judge later ruled the case depending on the evidence on presented , he also showed doubt when the prosecution side stated that Precious forced herself into the boy’s house and all she wanted was to engage in the act the minor .

The prosecution side however said that there was no valid reason to give sleeping peels to the boy’s siblings if she was sure of the act, so this gives doubts of whether she knew the boy was a grown up or not. Precious Taye was given up to 21st of April 2021 for the hearing of the case again.

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