Sharon Otieno’s mother joins politics in quest for MCA seat.

It has been three years since Sharon Otieno, a student at Rongo University, and her unborn child have been killed.


Migori Governor Okoth Obado was the father of a newborn baby.

The body of a student and a second-year student of records and medical information were found dumped in a bush in Oyugis in Homa Bay in September 2018, a day after his abduction.

He had seven burn wounds, as well as two under the left ear, according to medical examiner Dr. Johansen Oduor.

The trial of Governor Obado, the main suspect, continues in court and the trial is set to resume on October 4.

At home in Magara village, Homa Bay County, not much is happening. Sharon’s mother, Melida Auma, was not present during the National visit.

“I can’t join you today because I’m running our own small business,” he said by phone.

Ms Auma has since joined politics and will run for the Homa Bay Town West seat on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket, which is linked to Vice President William Ruto. Raila Odinga’s ODM is enjoying great support from the area.

He praised the DP-affiliated party below and wants to join the large number of women elected to the Homa Bay County Assembly.

Ms Auma was among 13 people arrested by police last week for organizing an illegal political rally at a hotel in Homa Bay County.

They spent the whole weekend in police cells and were then arraigned in Homa Bay court and fined 2,000 shillings each for violating Covid-19 protocols.

Ms Auma says UDA is her party of choice because it gives her a platform to voice her concerns.

“I would have loved ODM, but it’s hard to get a ticket there. In addition, ODM officials who had registered with us before Sharon’s funeral abandoned us immediately. We lowered her body into the grave,” Ms Auma explains. .

Some politicians have promised to pay school fees for three children Sharon left behind, but they have not yet done so.

Without naming names, he added that “other lawyers” promised to represent the family in court but turned their backs on him.

“These people were just after the political mileage. They forgot about us. They stopped answering our phones as soon as we buried the remains of our daughter,” Ms Auma said.

Although he admits he did not speak directly to RP Ruto, he hopes to gain the support of the UDA party.

Already, he says he gets the help he needs at all.

“I decided to try the MCA seat because I want a better life for my children and grandchildren. It’s hard, but I will try,” Ms Auma says.

To him, it does not matter that Governor Obado joins UDA and Dr Ruto by saying that the politician will know his fate in court.

“My position on seeking justice for my daughter is still relevant today. All defendants must present their case in court. My political aspirations and the legal system are two different things,” she said.

Already, six witnesses, including pathologist Dr Oduor and state analyst Kimani Mungai have testified in the case before Judge Cecilia Githua.

In the case, the DPP lined up 34 witnesses against the second-term governor, who recently indicated he would run for president in the 2022 general election.

Sharon’s family is happy that the case is going well and that they will finally get justice for their daughter and unborn child.

“Many thought the case had fallen, but we are glad it is moving forward, albeit at a slower pace. We believe Sharon and her daughter will get justice,” said Mr Douglas Otieno, his father.

Mr Otieno says they will not be celebrating their daughter’s birthday this year because they have no money.

“Covid-19 has brought economic hardship. It becomes very difficult to organize Sharon’s birthday because of restrictions. The movement to and from Nairobi in July this year for his case has made us stronger, ”said Mr Otieno.

However, the events of September 4, 2018 are still fresh in their minds.

“It is not easy, this memory is still with us. Our daughter was very hardworking and we had high hopes for her. I loved her so much. He was my first child and my best friend. Now that he is gone, things sometimes fail, ”said Mr Otieno.

Her three children, older in first grade and younger in pre-school, are doing well, although they lack the love of their mother, she says.

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