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Shock as Molo street kids feed on dogs

Molo occupants, in Nakuru region are censuring the significant expense of living after road kids were found butchering a canine determined to make a feast with the meat.
A report documented by NTV shows that the road kids selected canine meat on grounds that they didn’t have the means to purchase food.

The children said that they have been going through an unpleasant time because of the significant expense of living with nobody at their salvage.

“I live near this structure so I was passing by I saw fire and got intrigued to see what was inside. At the point when I entered I saw canine bones and close to it I found a youngster eliminating bits of meat out of it as he consumed. At the point when I asked him the explanation he plainly expressed that there is no food and the cost for most everyday items is high,” described Simon Munene, an occupant of Molo town.

Simon called upon the public authority to come to the guide of the road kids and give business valuable open doors so they can have the option to put food on the table and bear the cost of fundamental necessities.
“The public authority is in a situation to assist these children with night however they are from the roads it ought to help them, to get food or even concede them to restoration focuses and chapels so we can safeguard these children from eating canines,” Munene added.

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