Shortage of milk is coz of the poor rains : Govt addresses milk shortage.

The ongoing milk shortage will continue for at least a month. The Ministry of Agriculture is proposing a 30-day window for importing milk to deal with the crisis which has led to rising commodity prices.

The ministry attributed the shortage to poor rains caused by the ongoing drought in many parts of the country. In addition, the ongoing drought has affected farmers, as a recent report on food and nutrition security showed that milk production in the country was the lowest.

Speaking to the media, traders also expressed their fear that the situation could turn into a major crisis with the ongoing fuel shortage affecting transport, with some three service providers removing their vehicles from the road.

In addition, traders noted that the price per liter of milk has risen on average from Ksh 55 to Ksh 70. Thus, various supermarkets across the country have empty shelves, with some reducing the number of packages per customer.

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