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Femininity Friday

Should you give your man money?

Should you give your man money? We don’t think you should. This is the reason.

He may depend on you.

There is nothing wrong with giving financial support to someone you love or care about. The problem with this change is that you are justifying his need to borrow.

He can promise that he is ashamed to do it and it will never happen, but because you moved immediately, he will have a story to live up to his wishes.

Hustler's fund
File photo of Kenyan money

Some of them promise to refund your money but it doesn’t always end well. By the time you realize this, you will have committed your hard-earned resources.

It clouds your judgment.

Money affects our psychological, emotional and logical approach to things. For the one who receives, it creates responsibility and for the one who gives, it can change your perspective on your partner.

You end up walking on eggshells around this person because you don’t want to cause conflict.

You confuse all this with love. Instead of reporting him for his addiction, you are feeding his behavior.

You believe that the more you give, the more he will love you. You say you are doing this for your future and you discard all other doubts until it rises to your level too.

Unfortunately, that rarely works, especially if he’s the type of person who wants easy money.

You are picking on him.

One of the things your man wants to do is help you because it confirms his position in your relationship.

A man with good intentions will not sit still and make you finance his life. With this type of man, giving him money will make him question his place in relationships.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contribute, but if you’re still opening your wallet to send him money for everything, it’s only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down.

Vibrations of despair.

We have heard stories of women helping a man pay his dowry and even buying wedding rings. This behavior leads to despair and low self-esteem.

If a man can’t handle the demands of a relationship while dating, he can’t handle the weight of a marriage either. The fact that you are dealing with all this shows that you are trying very hard to keep a man who is not ready or ready for a relationship from wanting you.

He is not your responsibility.

Dear sister, stop playing with a woman. You go out with him. He is not your husband, so he should take care of his bills just like you take care of yours. If he has a financial problem, he must find other ways to solve the problem.

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