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Signs he is love bombing you.

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When a guy comes at you like a tsunami, the first thing to do is slow down everything at once. This can be difficult because everything happens so fast and you also don’t want to miss out on potential true love so just go with the flow.

Sorry to pop your bubble, but you may be dealing with a love bomber. Here is a sign.

Strong communication.

If he calls you multiple times a day and leaves a string of texts, that’s one of the red flags you shouldn’t miss. I know, I know, at the beginning of a new relationship, you want him to call all the time and talk all day, but you don’t because you have grown-up things.

If, in a good situation, you are reluctant, if he needs you to be available 24/7, that should indicate something wrong. Also, if he’s always on your social media feed trying to figure out what you’re up to, that’s not a good sign. Does he have no life?

Also, if he wants to know the details of everything and everyone you share, please start looking for the exit door.

Move things quickly.

Please everything is fun and funny when you see this on a soap opera, but your life is not a soap opera. You don’t have a second chance. If you meet on Sunday and he proposes on Monday – who even proposes on Monday? – he is not Mr. Romantic. It hides many things.

First, why is he in a hurry? Don’t tell me it was love at first sight or that you dreamed he was your husband. This should disable the alarm. You don’t know him and neither do you. Do yourself a favor here and politely decline the offer.

Go big with gifts.

We are not saying gifts are bad. Of course, they are part of the relationship. However, if he goes to great lengths to give you expensive gifts, then you want to take a break and reevaluate things. Most of us don’t expect the guy we just started dating to buy us a house, a car, or anything like that.

If he does it and says it’s okay because he’s sure you’re the one, then don’t take that as a compliment. Don’t think you are so special. Wow! We really hate to tell you that. He is probably trying to make you feel obligated to him. That you will do what he wants and, in the long run, give him priority over others. Furthermore, he uses gifts to gain your trust.

Don’t be surprised about getting free. Just be careful what it is.

Lots of love soon.

While we realize that there is no perfect time to start using pet names, we can also confidently say that right after meeting is not the time either. If he starts to leave and even arrange special names, chances are you will be uncomfortable. If so, listen to your instincts. Forget the movie. In fact, we never allow other people who are moving too fast to be cautious. Again, this is a tactic meant to keep you on your toes.

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