Size 8: Yes I ran away, but we’re ok now

Following tales that they were in constant disagreement, VIP couple DJ Mo and Size 8 put any misinformation to rest on Wednesday through their YouTube channel.

Talking at their building webpage, the couple said they were following the accounts on the web and were very astounded at how quick the news spread.

They conceded to getting various calls from writers yet to try not to be misquoted, they selected to resolve the issue together.

Size 8 affirmed that she ‘took off’ from their marital home since she resented her better half over something he had done.

“Indeed I took off and I was exceptionally furious at DJ Mo… I simply required breathing room and converse with God since I accept when my feelings are so high we can be discourteous to one another in the event that we end up being under a similar rooftop.

 image of Size 8 and DJ Mo
A file image of Size 8 and DJ Mo

“Many individuals are contemplating whether we told the media, we didn’t,” she said.

DJ Mo affirmed that on the said day they varied over various issues and he was distraught yet was amazed when he didn’t track down his better half at home at night.

Size 8, on her part, said she didn’t leave for a ‘little explanation’ yet her better half apologized and they settled their issues genially.

They added that they have fixed up their disparities and looked for direction from the church who exhorted them on how best to approach their debates.

We face difficulties very much like any other person

The couple conceded that very much like some other few, they have their awful days and they ought not be made a huge deal about.

“Individuals overstate when superstars have issues in marriage. Each marriage has difficulties. Allow us to appeal to God for our relationships and we ought to constantly pardon one another.

“We are genuine. We battle, we deviate, we chuckle, we cry yet we move,” they said.

Further, they guaranteed their fans that they were not on a mission to clout pursue.

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