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Smairo ni tiki: Wangui Ngirici campaign posters sparks mixed reactions.

If there is one thing you can not miss about the Kirinyaga Women’s representative Wangui Ngirici, it is how she climbed to the top with her ambition to run for Governor of Kirinyaga.

The MP, who is running for the county’s highest seat independently in the August election, has used unconventional tactics in her campaigns to attract voters.

We are not talking about dark and strange posters like that of Embu gubernatorial candidate Cecily Mbarire, which sparked online debates by appearing as a memorial to the corpse or a cover of a gospel album.

Or the post of candidate for the Kakamega senator seat Boni Khalwale, which highlighted what Kenyans thought was an over-the-top photo.

No, the case of Ngirici is quite different.

It began in late April when the incumbent governor unveiled her mark on the ballot, which, instead of the usual “heavy” image used by politicians, took on a higher status (or rather??

She just wanted a purple lip and diastema, with the campaign slogan “Smairo is a tick” that matched and amazed.

The logo sparked mixed reactions online, with some Kenyans saying it was “selling beauty” and not imagination for voters.

Some thought it was deceptive to get online.

It was not until Ngirici began to display it on posters and added it to her collection of “Mbarathi ni imwe” (there is only one horse) and “Three Wangui” to supporters of his rallies, then people believed she was not joking. .

On Wednesday, the MP took to social media and launched her latest gear of the campaign, with an LED hat with “Wangui Ngirici Smairo Ni Tiki” in front of her.

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