Somalia President thanks ICJ for ruling in their favor over Kenya-somalia Maritime border dispute.

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohammed Farmajo, issued a statement on Tuesday, October 12, following a decision by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the maritime debate.

In its decision, the ICJ decided that Kenya would relinquish part of the disputed maritime zone to Somalia. The court ruled that there was no agreement between Kenya and Somalia.

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UN high court ruled in favor of Somalia in border dispute with Kenya.

Farmajo, who appealed to the court’s decision, called it the second most prominent one, after a lengthy court battle with the Kenyan government over portions of the sea.


“Of course it was a simple war that relied on long-term vision, detailed information, daring, nationalism, assurance of public resources, and the protection of the country and its family. Equality prevailed. Peace and legitimacy prevailed,” he said.

He expressed his gratitude to the ICJ for maintaining public order, adding that the leadership was an example of the credibility and truth of the world court. The Somali leader thanked the country’s eighth parliament, which rejected a memorandum of understanding in favor of “inheritance insurance”.

Farmajo thanked his idol, Hassan Sheik Mohamoud, for initiating a court intervention to seek justice and protect Somalia’s maritime borders that have been illegally claimed by Kenya. He claimed that Somalia had been under intense pressure from Kenya to leave the disputed area.

“The Kenyan government began to intervene directly in the political cycle of our country by activating political rallies in Kenya to create an atmosphere of political instability and instability in Somalia that will ultimately lead to the removal of the case from the Court.” on demand. .

He claimed that after the failed tension strategies failed, the Kenyan government relied on a direct weakening of Somalia’s power. He blamed Kenya for investing in energy and resources in a bid to politically include Somalia, referring the country to neighboring nations and the world.

Moghadishu criticized Nairobi for following a prudent message that abused its country’s power and the public interest of the Somali public.

“This wise message included unpredictable air and ground attacks within Somalia’s borders. The strike targeted the lives and property of Somali residents,” Farmajo reiterated.

He blamed Kenya for pursuing a strong commitment by the United Nations to bring Somalia under UNSC 1267 which would work to mark the Somali state, government authorities and humanitarian workers as terrorists think it is ridiculous to seize and freeze their resources and ultimately cripple them. national economy.

Farmaajo criticized the Kenyan government for pressuring the Somali government to secure a seat at the exchange table and work to loot Somalia’s marine resources. He assured that on several occasions he had committed himself to working for better relations between the national government and the Jubaland state public authorities if we were to withdraw the case from the ICJ.

As his Kenyan ally, Farmajo is committed to maintaining the trust that the Somali public instills in us. “Our ethics will never allow us to choose political or financial benefits or even transitional areas to control the heritage of our people in the future,” he said.

“We hope that Kenya sees the court elections as an opportunity to strengthen ties between the two nations and to improve participation between the two groups of people,” the statement said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged to ensure the country’s territorial boundaries. He assured Kenyans of his responsibility to address this problem with enthusiasm.

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