Some things are better off in private: Anerlisa advice Diana

Content producer Diana Marua followed up on her online video where she admitted to sleeping with several men for money.

In a video she shared on YouTube two years ago, Marua said she never went bankrupt in her twenties because she used to date men for money.

“In the past, I did things that I am not proud of. Sometimes, I used to date boys for money,” she said.

“It’s because I was missing my whole life, all I wanted was to live well, I was going out with people for money, I was going out with someone who pays my taxes, I had someone to buy my house and someone buys me clothes. someone take me out. In my early twenties, money was not an issue for me.

The video has gone viral again, making it a topic of discussion.

Keroche’s successor Anerlisa Muigai weighed in, telling Diana it was important to distinguish between what should be private and what should be public.

Anerlisa Muigai
A photo file of Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa informed Diana that if she wanted to help people by sharing the story, she should use “friend” as a reference and the message would be heard.

Admitting that she is a big fan of Diana, Anerlisa added that the news could cause people to judge her.

“I have nothing against Diana, I am one of those who look at her as a mother but why do you need to come out now? The sad truth is that people will go straight to the body count…

My point of view is that I think after being a mother and having a man who accepts all your flaws, this kind of information should be kept private.

Your history can sometimes make people see you differently even if it’s helping people and if you want to tell a story using ‘friend’ as a reference, the message will get through.”

Diana Marua has accepted the video, saying she is still on her channel and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Diana Marua said she was surprised to see herself trending because of a video she made years ago.

“I was just browsing and checking what was happening on social media and I was surprised to become the most trending person on Twitter because of a video I posted years ago when I was dedicating to God the gift of a Mercedes Benz,” she said in part.

She explained this;

“My wives and daughters, the reason I talk about my past life in this video is because God raised me as an influencer to inspire my generation.”

Diana said she shared her story to inspire other girls who still have dreams to follow.

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