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Son cuts his father’s leg with a panga .

A man who has been threatening to kill his father for some time despite interference from family and friends has been charged in court.

Benard Nono is alleged to have committed the offense in contravention of section 223 paragraph 1 of penalty number on October 6, in Mashimoni area in Kibera in Nairobi County for evicting his father Livingstone Olumi from the field while armed with a machete.

That day, Olumi was at home around 1:30 pm when her son Nono, who had no good relationship with him, arrived, armed with a machete and carelessly cut off his father’s leg, according to a police report.


Old Olumi fled for his beloved life, but Nono, whose intention was to kill his father, followed him with a machete in his hand. Fortunately, Olumi managed to escape and went into hiding.

Olumi reportedly tried to resolve the matter with his son with the help of a few friends, without success.

The unsuspecting suspect continued to issue death threats against his father.

However, Olumi enlisted the help of the public as the issue was increasingly under control.

The public helped him to subdue his son and take him to a golf course where he was registered and taken for questioning before being brought to court for the threats.

Prosecutor Kinuthia Njenga did not object to his release on bail but requested strict bail conditions because the offense was serious.

Nono has denied allegations that he did not do so in the presence of senior magistrate Monica Maroro who released him on Sh100,000 cash bail.

The case is being re-assigned to another judge.

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