Sonko gives Alvin who stole foodstuffs from Naivas a job after paying his 100k bail

Alvin pleaded guilty to stealing 5 kg of rice, 5 liters of cooking oil, 2 kg of sugar, honey and tea leaves worth KES 3,165 from Naivas supermarket in Ronald Ngala Street, was convicted and taken in the region’s Industrial Prison)

Shortly after the ousted Nairobi governor paid a Ksh 100,000 court bail for Alvin, a Mombasa gubernatorial candidate returned Alvin to the spot where he had stolen from the shops.

Sonko and his team picked up Alvin that afternoon and took him to a branch in Naivas where they bought him and his family for a whole month.

And that's not all! Sonko also gave Alvin a full-time job at his UpperHill offices. "I'm glad the boy is now free. I hope he'll be a responsible person," said Mike Sonko.

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