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Sonko promises to bail out ladies who ‘eat fare’

Mike Sonko has incredibly guaranteed in excess of 5000 ladies have eaten fare

Eating fare in the Kenyan setting is the demonstration of a lady getting cash from a man in return for affection.

By and large the man sends the lady transport admission however at that point the lady neglects to appear at the concurred area.

Sonko, an ostentatious finance manager and disputable legislator who flaunts an immense following via online entertainment, has likewise urged ladies to keep ‘eating passage’ and on the off chance that they cause problems he will rescue them.

“I didn’t realize that you can sue a person for eating your toll and have your money discounted with revenue,” Sonko, a dad and granddad, composed via web-based entertainment.

“In the event that this occurred during my young days I would have sued 5000 ladies. I’m currently considering the way in which men anticipate that ladies should make due. I’m supporting ladies on this one. Eat the toll. Assuming that you are captured I will rescue you.”

A file image of Sonko
A file image of Sonko

The previous lawmaker was alluding to an occurrence where a Nairobi court decided that a lady should pay her sweetheart Sh23,750 after he sent him Sh3,000 to pay for a taxi to go to the man’s birthday celebration yet the woman didn’t appear and on second thought turned off her telephone.

The man is accounted for to have documented the cases in court close by proof of installments through Mobile cash and Whatsapp visits.

The woman was requested to discount the man Sh3,000 in addition to intrigue of Sh750 and a further Sh20,000 in penalties for the profound misery he went through.

The woman has been confined anticipating installment of the harms by her loved ones.

Sonko was as of late banished from challenging for the Mombasa gubernatorial seat after the Supreme Court maintained his reprimand as Nairobi lead representative

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