Spain warns its citizen not to visit western Kenya during elections

The Embassy of Spain in Kenya has forewarned its residents over a possible episode of viciousness in six regions in the country after the Kenyans cast their polling form.

In a warning delivered on Friday, August 5, the Embassy pinpointed Kibera and Mathare bequests in Nairobi as a portion of the areas prone to encounter exhibitions after the August 9 surveys.

Different regions distinguished incorporate pieces of Rift Valley, Laikipia, Coast area and Western Kenya.

A file image of Spain ambassador in Kenya

“Watchfulness ought to be practiced in the period around the date of the vote particularly soon after the decisions and the declaration of the outcomes.

“During this period, there could be challenges moving around specific region of the country, as well as intermittent and restricted episodes of brutality or aggravations,” read the warning to some extent.

Furthermore, Spain encouraged its residents to save food and water to pad them if there should arise an occurrence of any possibilities.

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