Speaker Muturi to undergo a surgery after shoulder injury.

National Assembly President Justin Muturi continues to recover from a shoulder injury.

Via Twitter on Sunday, Muturi said he was involved in the crash shortly after a home break three weeks ago.

“I had a small accident on the desk trying to pull out a drawer and my seat fell off the mat of an angry glass chair where I ended up injuring my right shoulder and back,” he said.

speaker Muturi

He went to the hospital and was then released. But he notes that over time, the pain persisted, forcing him to seek further treatment.

“Unfortunately the pain persisted and on the advice of doctors I underwent minor surgery on my right shoulder to repair the fracture I was experiencing at the time,” he said.

“Thank God I am well and in good health. “

Last week, the speaker reminded MPs of the adjournment of special parliamentary sessions on December 21st.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Muturi said the sessions would be held in the morning and afternoon. These sessions will be held until December 22.

“You are informed that, at the request of the leader of the majority party, the President has approved special parliamentary sittings next week,” he said.

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