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Netflix to edit Squid Game after claims of harassment.

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Netflix has reportedly confirmed plans to stage a show from its rave “Squid Game” after a woman claimed she was being harassed by pranks.

A businessman from Seongju, South Korea, told reporters that since the column was shown in the series, he had received thousands of calls and text messages from fans asking about the horrific competition.

“It’s a number I’ve been using for over a decade so I’m very surprised. There are more than 4000 numbers I had to delete from my phone,” Kim Gil-young explained. ‘The game of squid’ and that’s when I found out. “

Reports further indicate that Gil-young has rejected compensation offers of up to five million won ((£ 3 million).

Netflix and local manufacturing company Siren Photo confirmed Wednesday that the phone number shown on the impressive invitation card given to potential players in the range will be changed.

“With the production company, we are working on resolving this issue, as well as editing curtains and phone numbers if necessary,” Netflix said in a statement.

The “squid game” is set to break the main record on Netflix as the most watched column in the stream. Last month, a chaotic array hit the service with rave reviews.

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