Machachari actress , Stella clears that she is single and not seeing anyone.

Stella Natasha Ngegie was one of Machachari’s favorite actors and basically most people couldn’t get enough of her. She performed her roles as an actress with passion and so far, the girl loves to dance.


You will often see her posting pictures with actors like Kenny, Tosh, and others at special occasions. Basically she is a talented actress and a lot of people like to watch her short videos on Instagram. Apparently, many people wanted to know more about the nature of Stella’s relationship.

Her fans always want to know if she sees someone or not. Many even keep photographing themselves, but the actors are jumping on the bandwagon. She often tells fans to calm down while she waits for the full day to reveal her relationship status.

This morning, Stella woke up and posted a picture of herself on Instagram. Stella said she was unmarried despite her good looks. The actor claimed that she does not see anyone at the moment. Fans, however, continued to claim that she was ignoring them whenever they tried to take pictures on her social media pages.

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