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Stop playing Politics on Mp Sankok son’s death: Rigathi Gachagua reveals

DCI should stop playing politics in the investigation into the death of her son MP-elect David Sankok, MP Mathira Rigathi Gachagua has said.

Memusi Sankok, 15, was reported dead at gunpoint last week.

“We want to ask the agency to take pity on this family as they are going through a difficult time,” Gachagua said.

“Losing a baby boy at such a young age is very sad. The family did everything that was needed… the nursing home was also done and an investigation was concluded to determine the cause of death.

Speaking after offering his condolences to the Sankok family on Saturday, Gachagua said although the investigation was not clear, DCI should allow the family to mourn their child.

“DCI should give them time and return only after the funeral. Calling a family to record a lot of information is cruel, ”he said.

“We want DCI to be understanding and let them bury their child in peace. Let the officers be professional.

Sankok was interviewed for the second time on Thursday about the death of his son in Narok County.

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