Stop posing as Messiah : Jubilee writes a letter to Dp Ruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee ruling party has condemned its debris, former party deputy leader William Samoei Ruto following his anti-government crackdown on the rising cost of living and the oil crisis that has plagued the country for the past week. .

In a statement signed by the Secretary-General, Jeremiah Kioni, Jubilee accused the Vice President of using the plight of Kenyans for political gain.

Kioni felt that Ruto, as vice president, did not have the same destiny as the average Mwananchi.

“Ruto is taking advantage of the plight of Kenyans to gain political prominence while posing as the Messiah. As a deputy DP, he cannot pretend to ask the same questions as Wanjiku.

“It is unfortunate that despite being second in the lead, he has become a frequent complainer instead of providing practical solutions for Kenyans,” Kioni said.

Hitting the Deputy President, the Ndaragwa MP accused Ruto of sitting comfortably in his office and enjoying the benefits associated with his role instead of working with his boss to provide a solution for Kenyans.

Kioni denied Ruto’s allegations, claiming that the President had already made a compromise when he signed an additional budget bill that saw the allocation of Ksh 34.4 billion as aid money.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta today offered practical solutions. That is what the leader, DP Ruto, does, delivering, not empty words,” Kioni added.

He accused DP Ruto of being part of the problem of what he said was excessive spending on his travels abroad. He noted that some of the money should have been used to provide relief for suffering Kenyans.

“During his recent trip abroad, his team of 131 supporters spent Ksh 200 million to buy equipment. That is enough to provide an emergency food plan in drought-stricken counties.”

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